Trust and pray

Fr John Sullivan was a learned man with a simple and deep spirituality, as Barney McGuckian explains.

Icon for ecumenists

Barney McGuckian SJ on Fr John Sullivan’s Portora schooldays and Church of Ireland roots.

Great servants

Fr John Sullivan was ordained along with another great servant of God, WWI chaplain, Fr Willie Doyle SJ.

The road to sainthood

Barney McGuckian on the various stages in the canonisation process of Fr John Sullivan.

A miraculous cure

Barney McGuckian SJ on Michael Collins’s nephew, who had a remarkable story to tell.

The gift of healing

A seriously ill young woman receives a visit from Fr John Sullivan. Barney McGuckian recounts what happened.

A simple saint

Perhaps the most ‘elegant’ piece of clothing John Sullivan had was his roman collar as Conor Harper SJ explains.

A frugal life

Conor Harper SJ details items taken from Fr. Sullivan’s sparsely furnished room after his death.

First cut curls

Conor Harper SJ discusses the only first class relic of Fr Sullivan – locks of childhood hair.